At the hotel, the two of us decided to splurge on marijuana

My wife and I recently celebrated our 10-year anniversary anniversary; We wanted to get out of the condo and away from the kids for a couple of afternoons to celebrate; My mom and dad provided to keep the kids for the weekend so my wife and I could have the whole condo to ourselves.

We knew staying in the condo would mean working on chores and doing things that made us think anxiety.

We decided to go to a hotel while the kids were with their Grandparents. We went to a legitimately nice and swanky Hotel downtown, however i have never stayed in the site before, because the rooms are so high-priced. It was really a nice splurge for the 2 of us to stay in the costly hotel. My wife and I loved dinner in our room! Room repair brought us a menu and there were coupons in the back of the menu for other local diners, there was also a coupon in the back of the book for a recreational marijuana dispensary. The recreational marijuana dispensary was on the same street as the hotel. It was a couple of miles away. My wife and I could have really walked to the location, however the two of us decided to have some marijuana products delivered instead. We only bought enough recreational marijuana for the weekend. We don’t properly use recreational marijuana, however when the kids aren’t around, it is a nice time to legitimately relax and unwind. Those several afternoons in the hotel made me think alive and rejuvenated again. It was exactly what the two of us needed.

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