The new schedule is hard to to work

My boss said she was going to make some changes to the schedule, and i used to work on Sundays, Mondays, Mondays, plus Saturdays.

I worked a split shift. In the morning when the marijuana delivery repair was busy, I worked a couple of hours. In the day when the marijuana delivery repair was tied up I worked another few hours. It worked out absolutely great for me. When the boss said she was going to change things up, I hoped that the new schedule wouldn’t be that much different, but my new schedule has me working Sunday, Monday, Saturday, plus Monday plus I have to work a shift that is 7 hours long. I work from 10:00 in the morning until 5:00 in the day. I miss out on most of the night time marijuana deliveries plus I am not making as much money. I told the boss that I do not love the new schedule plus she told me that it was not our choice to make. I assume love I am in quite a pickle now, because I do not think what to do, but technically I am working the same hours at the dispensary, so she is not doing anything wrong, and unfortunately, the hours that I am working make it truly difficult for me to genuinely make any money. I also have to work inside of the store when the deliveries aren’t tied up plus I do not like having to deal with customers. I am not a great people person plus I find it difficult to be friendly in situations when I am nervous.

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