My friend is switching over to cannabis

My friend Debbie has had a whole lot of surgeries over the past numerous years… She has actually had so many surgeries that I have lost count of all of the different ones that she has had to deal with.

  • She is regularly having some sort of random thing happening to her that ends her up in the hospital.

She fell into a storm drain once plus broke her leg, plus once she chipped a bone in her elbow by hitting it against the door of the refrigerator. It just seems adore it is regularly something with Debbie plus you just never know what she is going to do next. She hurts herself a lot plus I think sorry for her periodically. She has been in plus out of the hospital plus surgery centers a lot plus she has also had to take lots of different prescription drugs, which she hates. She started to do some research on different kinds of medical cannabis plus she ended up finding some cannabis products that seem to be doing the trick for her, but debbie doesn’t care that no one else in our circle of friends thinks that she shouldn’t be using cannabis products. She has regularly been her own lady plus if cannabis is going to work for her, then nothing that anyone else says is going to make her think otherwise. Debbie is totally sold now on the benefits of cannabis products plus she uses them all the time to help her deal with all of the pain complications that she has to deal with because of her past accidents plus complications. She told myself and others the other morning that she’s even thinking of trying to open up her own cannabis dispensary!

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