The only time I sleep well is when I smoke pot

When you live in a recreational marijuana state, it’s entirely easy to get pot; You can buy pot and other cannabis supplies from any dispensary as long as you are over 18 with a medical card or over 21 without a card.

It’s nice to live in a state where you can go shopping for marijuana online and have it delivered right to your front door.

Unluckyly for me, I do not live in a state that has legal recreational marijuana laws, but not many of our friends do and they want myself and others to move, but I take care of our mom and I have to stay here right now. I keep telling the guys to send myself and others products in the mail, but they are afraid. I went to visit the guys a few weeks ago. I had marijuana supplies while I was there. I slept better while we were in that month when I was on holiday than I have in 3 years. I mailed myself a care package back to the condo before I left to go back home. I got the marijuana supplies a couple of afternoons later. The lady at the post office looked suspicious, but I sincerely don’t care what she wants to think about me. As long as marijuana helps myself and others sleep better, I am going to do whatever I can to get our hands on the product legally or not. In a couple of years, I absolutely system to transport out to the West Coast with our friends. It’s just impossible right now when I have so many responsibilities here at home.

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