The water pipe burst and every one of us had to shut down for several hours

After I unlock the front door and disassemble the alarm, the first thing that I do in the marijuana dispensary is turn on all of the lights.

It is a procedure that I have been doing exactly the same for a long time.

I have been the manager at that local marijuana dispensary for the past 2 years. I toil hard to make sure that most people has a enjoyable experience in the dispensary and that includes all of our customers and the several staff members. I haven’t had to deal with genuinely several complications since I have been the manager. I’ve had some staffing concerns from time to time, even though I haven’t had any major concerns until this week. I went to the dispensary and performed my normal routine. I opened up the door and I shut off the alarm. As soon as I shut off the alarm, I heard the sound of running water. I turned on the lights in the front and back of the dispensary. There was water all over the carpet. I walked towards the sound of the dashing water and I found water coming out of the wall, but clearly there was a problem with the plumbing behind the wall. It was not the type of issue that I could maintenance on my own. I instantly contacted my director. The guy did not answer the iphone. I tried to find the main shut off switch for the water in the dispensary. All of the marijuana supplies that were close to the leak were completely covered with water and destroyed. The plumbing business had to come to the marijuana dispensary to maintenance the problem and every one of us were closed down for several hours while the floor dried and the mess was cleaned up.


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