I assume the woman were laughing at me last evening

I transferred to a school after I finished our 2 years at community university.

My parents did not have a lot of money for me to go to school.

I studied strenuous during our first more than one years and I gained a scholarship to go to the school. I decided to learn chemistry. I had a lot of evenings when I had to stay up honestly late to study. After I was done cramming for tests, I had a strenuous time coming back down. I couldn’t sleep or relax. One of our friends told me to try cannabis. I had cannabis when I was younger and the experience did not turn out to be entirely pleasant. My friends promised that their experience would be better. I smoked a marijuana joint with the guys. I felt like our face was going to melt to the ground. I couldn’t stop talking. I was laughing and then every one of us was crying. I legitimately did not guess like I had any real control over our emotions. It was strenuous not to freak out, although I knew that our friends had our back. At a single point during the evening, I thought they were laughing at me, but they were laughing at something that was on the TV. I assume I was just being paranoid. The woman said that might be a side effect. After the high effect wore off, I started to guess entirely drowsy and weary. I couldn’t keep our eyeah open no matter how strenuous I tried. Believe me, I was trying to stay awake. The women rented something on paper view and I wanted to watch it. I ended up falling asleep with drool coming out of our mouth. Thank goodness that women did not take any pictures of me when I was inebriated.
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