I got a twenty dollar tip from the guy

I live in the same town that I did when I grew up.

I moved out of my parents house and I got an apartment of my own, but we still have the same zip code. My girlfriend is the same girl who sat in front of me for thirteen years of high school and elementary classes. I work at the feed mill with my dad and my uncle. I’ve never really seen any reason for me to go much further than that. I have everything that I need right here at home. Sometimes I go into the city. I have a couple of friends that live in the city and we hang out and go to bars or clubs. When I am in the city, I buy recreational marijuana supplies. There isn’t anywhere out by my place to buy recreational marijuana supplies and the delivery services won’t come out that far either. When I want recreational marijuana, I have to drive to the city. Sometimes I have to make an excuse to go to the city. It’s times like this when I tell my mom and dad that I need to get car parts. For some reason, they never questioned me when I say that I have to drive to the city to get parts for my car. If I told them that I was going to buy recreational marijuana, they would certainly have words for me. They still think that the state made a mistake when they decided to legalize recreational marijuana for everyone. There is no convincing my mom and dad that they are wrong so I hide my recreational marijuana use from them.

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