I left the hotel on foot in search of the dispensary

My girlfriend was not very happy when we arrived in town and found out that our hotel room wasn’t ready.

She wanted to stop at the marijuana dispensary and I said no, because I didn’t want to miss our check in time.

We were bickering about the fact that time was suddenly no issue and I felt really bad that she did not have anything to smoke. We ran out of marijuana products on our drive into the city and I promised my girlfriend that we would go to a new place so we could buy things that we have never seen before. She wasn’t very interested in leaving the hotel once we arrived. It was hot and humid outside. I looked to see if there was a marijuana dispensary close to us. I did find one location that was only a few blocks away. I told my girlfriend that we should walk to the location, but she did not want to. She was adamant that she was going to stay in the hotel and wait for the room to be ready. It was up to me to go to the marijuana dispensary to buy the products that she wanted. I left the hotel on foot in search of the dispensary. I asked the clerk at the front desk if he could point me in the right direction so I didn’t waste a bunch of time walking around. I found the dispensary about 15 minutes later. I walked up to the counter and the lady was very nice. She was helping another customer at the time, but I waited until it was my turn. The budtender told me about all of the specials for the day. They had a couple of buy one and get one free promotions.

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