I cried for an hour before the marijuana wore off

I was a teenager when I tried marijuana for the first time.

My friends and I ended up getting a bag of marijuana from someone at the skating rink.

We took the bag of marijuana back to my house, because we were all spending the night there. I didn’t know how to smoke the marijuana. We had to look up information on the internet. I was afraid my parents were going to see my internet searches, so I cleared the history and all of the cookies before I went to bed. My friends and I found out that we could smoke the marijuana flowers in an apple. It was actually very clever and we felt like scientists while we were fixing this apple up so we could smoke marijuana from it. I was the first person to hit the marijuana bowl made out of an apple. I took a deep breath and hit the marijuana apple. I coughed a couple of times, but I definitely knew that I was getting high. The marijuana didn’t taste bad, but the apple did not add any good flavor either. By the time that I finished smoking, I started to feel very weird and bizarre. I knew that I was high, but I felt like crying instead of laughing. I cried for almost an hour before the marijuana product wore off and the side effects went away. After that, I did not try marijuana again until I was an adult and it was legally safe. I went to a marijuana dispensary to buy something good.

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