How do I do SEO for a marijuana dispensary?

I had been hearing a lot about SEO lately, but I didn’t know what it was.

  • It sounded like initials that might go along with a foreign company, but I didn’t know.

The man I was speaking to told me that SEO stood for search engine optimization. This was a way to put keywords into both my website and into my ads that would attract attention and bring customers to my website. My first question was, what was it going to cost me? He told me not to worry about the cost, because he was going to help me get enough business that this cost would be like a drop in the bucket. He could say what he wanted to, but I didn’t have a cannabis dispensaries business yet, and I had to be concerned about the cost. I had finally finished my classes, and I had a building, but I hadn’t yet completed all of my paperwork and got my inventory yet. I was still looking at another six weeks to three months before I opened my business. He told me this was the prime time to start my Internet marketing program. He would do the footwork that needed to be done to get the proper SEO for a marijuana dispensary. He would build a website for me and fill it with SEO. He would put keywords into ads on all the social media websites. He said I would have so much SEO in my marketing campaign that even the vaguest of keywords would attract attention to my website.

Search engine optimization for dispensaries