I didn’t know how to do internet marketing.

Right before I opened my marijuana dispensary, I wanted to have some Internet marketing done.

  • Unfortunately, I knew nothing about websites, or how to do Internet marketing.

I had to find an online Internet marketer that had a specialty in cannabis dispensaries. I knew the Internet marketer would have to be familiar with different cannabis products, and the best way to draw cannabis users’ attention, since there were so many dispensaries online. When I got in touch with an Internet marketer who knew about cannabis, I told them I wanted to do the marketing. He asked me how much I knew about social media? I was familiar with Twitter, Facebook, and that was about it. I heard a chuckle, and he told me I needed to have the account set up on at least eight of the top social media account companies. Within three days, he had me set up on 10 different social media platforms. I had an account on each one, and he wanted to talk to me about my marketing strategy. He must’ve thought I was joking when I said that my marketing strategy was to pull business into my cannabis dispensaries both online and in-store. He said he understood this, but he wanted to know what I wanted to focus on the most. Honestly, as much as I knew about Internet marketing could have filled one line of a small tablet. I asked him to do his best and help me set up an Internet marketing program that would get me the best exposure and sales.

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