Working out and smoking weed

When I say I have an incredible physique it does not come from pride! I am not boasting about how I look, I am simply admitting that all of my hard work has paid off.

I got into bodybuilding when I was attending school classes, however as hard as I worked in the library, I worked just as hard in the gym in pursuit of physical perfection.

I am not saying I’m perfect by any means, just that I am always chasing perfection. I never eat bread or any kind of carbs, and I stay away from all forms of alcohol and drugs, then medical cannabis is not a drug, it is a naturally growing plant, one that fortunate for myself and others has no carbs! Medical cannabis is my one vice in the world, the only way I have to relieve stress other than lifting weights. I believe that inhaling any kind of smoke is not healthy, however I believe the benefits of medical cannabis far outweigh the consequences. I believe there are various forms of smokeless cannabis products on the market, however I usually stick with smoking flowers out of my glass pipe, but cannabis gummies contain so much sugar that I can’t possibly eat them without wrecking my diet idea for the week, and the same is tplot with cannabis drinks, which all contain added chemicals and flavorings that I don’t care for. I appreciate to keep things easy and natural, so I smoke medical cannabis the way it was meant to be consumed. It is the best way to unwind after an intense workout.

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