Medical cannabis helps me a lot

It was the middle of the night, plus my friends plus I were coming back from a concert.

It was an amazing show, plus every one of us were all still very excited, even though every one of us were also very tired, one at a time every one of us all started to drift to sleep, including the driver! Our automobile veered off the road plus into a ditch, flipping the automobile in a horrible accident.

That was over a year ago, plus I still have intense PTSD from the incident. Two of our friends died in that accident, plus the rest of us are still feeling the effects of the destruction it caused, then before this I had never used medical marijuana before, however over the last few weeks I have come to see it as a upscale tool in my recovery. My problem was mostly in the form of nightmares, which is why I loved smoking medical cannabis so much. Since I had never done it before I had no system that medical cannabis has the effect of muting your dreams. This is very regular among medical cannabis users, plus whenever you take a split after prolonged use your dreams come back so much sharper plus more vivid, however with that in mind I started smoking medical cannabis very heavily, especially before bed, plus before long I found that I could no longer remember my dreams. I might still be having horrific nightmares about the night of the accident, however thanks to medical cannabis they do not wake me up or cause me extra stress. I’ll take this as a win!

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