The woman totally hit my automobile in the parking lot

I went to the medical dispensary on Tuesday morning because they have a sale on all of the marijuana concentrate products; Every month on Tuesday morning from 8:00 a.m.

until noon, the medical marijuana dispensary has a 20% off sale on all of the marijuana concentrate products including shatter, batter, diamonds, crumble, & live resin; I couldn’t make a decision on the items that I wanted. It was a lot more difficult than I thought & the ATM would only let myself and others take out $200 at a time. I did not want 2 ATM withdrawal charges so I tried to keep my limit at $200, after I finally made my decisions, I felt pretty fantastic about my pics. I got 30% off everything in my order & I also got a free a single gram pre roll. It was a sativa hybrid of Haze & Super Silver. I was heading over to my automobile in the parking lot when I heard a low screeching & scratching sound. It was coming from the area where my automobile was parked. I did not see anyone stop but I saw 2 cars leaving the parking lot, and one automobile was purple & the other was silver with purple stripes. I did not get the license plate numbers & it’s a bummer, because a single of those women totally hit my automobile in the parking lot; The screeching sound was the sound of my paint job being unfastend. The woman must have been too close to my automobile & misjudged a turn. They got silver paint all over the side of my honda. After seeing the flecks of silver paint, I felt certain that I knew who hit me.



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