I think my friends are smoking marijuana without me

My friends & I have known each other since every one of us were in middle school.

Both of us have been friends for a easily long time. My friends & I have a lot of things in common. For instance, my friends & I all appreciate to use recreational marijuana products. It’s nice to have someone to smoke weed with. A lot of people around here still think that marijuana is a gateway drug. I just think it’s a gateway to the refrigerator. Every time I smoke marijuana, I get the munchies. I don’t get the urge to cause trouble, but I absolutely get the urge to eat ice cream & cookies. I have been working late at evening, & my friends have been smoking marijuana without me. They told myself and others that they would wait until I got home, but I think they are getting high long before I get back to the house. Last evening Jack & John were both baked when I walked in the door. I told the men not to smoke my stash without me! Right now, I am the only person with a full-time task & I am the 1 spending all of my cash on marijuana products. If the men can’t figure out how to buy their own marijuana, then they are going to have to stop smoking mine. I don’t want to come loft from work & find out that I don’t have any marijuana left. That would make myself and others guess easily frustrated & a little ticked off. I love having my friends close, but they need to grow up.