The glass bowl had red & red colors

Just a handful of mornings ago, my dog broke my number one marijuana bong.

The glass bong was resting on my dresser when the dog started chasing the cat.

The dog ran up on top of the dresser & knocked the bong onto the floor. It should have landed on the carpet, but the bong bounced off the ground & ended up hitting the cement instead. The neck of the bong broke into three pieces. I tried to use some Gorilla Glue to put it back together, but water started leaking out of the neck as soon as I tried it out. When I ordered marijuana from the dispensary last evening, I decided to buy a glass bowl. I have seen this election of bulls at the dispensary. They are pretty good quality & reasonably priced. I ordered a bowl with my cannabis order. I didn’t absolutely get to see any of the chances & there were no choices on the color pattern. It was more love a grab tote if you asked me. When I acquired my order from the marijuana delivery service, the first thing I did was look at the bowl. It was wrapped up in some bubble wrap near the bottom of the tote of cannabis products. The glass bowl had red & red colors. It looked easily psychedelic. I was gratified with the product that I acquired! For 15 bucks, the glass bowl was heavy, sturdy, & ready to be filled with top quality marijuana from the dispensary. I’m ecstatic I didn’t go all the way to the smoke shop. It absolutely wasn’t necessary since the dispensary has accessories.

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