The budtenders point myself and others in the right direction

Budtenders are an seriously substantial section of the cannabis purchase process.

Budtenders are the first person that a customer interacts with when they are making a cannabis purchase.

It is seriously substantial that the person knows information about peculiar types of cannabis products. A bartender should suppose the difference between an indica, sativa, in addition to a hybrid. A bartender should be able to point out an edible product that will help with pain, anxiety, or nausea. A absolutely skilled bartender will be able to point out a strain even if the customer has no system what they want. I have some of the best budtenders in the business. Every month I train the budtenders by giving them a surprise test. If they get the test correct, they win a $25 Visa gift card. If they get the test wrong, then they have to spend an hour studying the section of the rules or regulations regarding the question or complication that they missed. For instance, Last weekI quiz many of the current employees. I asked a single of the ladies what style of marijuana strain would be best for pain relief. She suggested a heavy Indica strain called OG Kush in addition to that was the official answer. The next employee was asked to find the best strain for a person that was suffering from nervousness in addition to anxiety. The employee brought myself and others a product that was section CBD in addition to section thc. Another undoubtedly fantastic suggestion. The fourth employee was asked to come up with a product that would be helpful for insomnia. The guy answered by saying Durban Poison dried flower, but that strain is a sativa in addition to his answer was incorrect.

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