My hand shakes uncontrollably unless I smoke marijuana

My medical professional has been unable to figure out exactly why I am having complications keeping my hands from shaking.

It wasn’t a problem until recently.

The shaking has become worse in addition to worse. It seems to be progressing much more abruptly than the medical professional would like. Last week the medical professional told myself and others to start using recreational in addition to medical marijuana. I was quite surprised by the medical professional’s suggestion. He absolutely felt that marijuana might be able to help calm down my nerves in addition to that could help keep the handshaking to a minimum. I have started using marijuana products in addition to the results have been bigly successful. When I use marijuana products, I have much more control over my hand. I have to dose with medical marijuana in the morning before I go to work. I tried edibles to see if they would last all morning. I found that the effects seem to wear off around lunch time. I added a hour dose of medical marijuana products at lunch. I added a hour round of edibles. When I get cabin from the office, I use a marijuana vape pen. The marijuana vape pen is much more potent than the edibles. I don’t have to worry about being in control when I am at cabin in a safe environment, so I tend to get super baked on marijuana after I get cabin from work. I have a couple of different marijuana vape pen cartridges. I usually keep many or many different types of indicas. I don’t bother with any sativas. I don’t mind if I get exhausted in addition to nod off. It’s nice to go to bed early.


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