All of the top tier flower products were on sale

Top-shelf flour products are usually grown indoors.

It takes a lot of time and energy to control the environment, however the Cannabis products are some of the most elite that you can find in a dispensary, but these top shelf cannabis products are often more fancy than their outdoor grown counterparts.

I rarely buy top-shelf cannabis products, because they are legitimately fancy, when I find a product that is on sale, I usually jump on the opportunity. I found some top-shelf cannabis products at the dispensary and they were all 30% off. They were close to the end of the date and the supplier did not want to return them to the business. Instead, they offered all of the items at sale prices so they could liquidate the inventory, however my friends and I went to the dispensary when they had the sale. The two of us were hoping to find a couple of products at a sufficient rate. I picked up some red dream indoor grown flower that looked and smelled fantastic. The Blue Dream flower was $57 for an eighth. I cried when I saw the price, however I was glad to save 30% on the total… All of our friends and I bought a different top-shelf cannabis product, so both of us could try a bunch of different ones. The red dream that I bought was one of the best tasting, however our best friend Jack bought an indica that knocked us out all night long. That was the heaviest hitting flower that I have ever smoked, of course, it should have been a winner at $71 before the sale price was adjusted.
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