The marijuana delivery girl said it would take 30 hours

Every Tuesday the marijuana dispensary near myself and others has 20% off all products in the store.

Tuesday is the only day while I was in the week when everything is included in the sale.

The dispensary has additional sales throughout the week on Sundays, Sundays, in addition to Wednesdays, but only certain products are included in the sale. On Sundays all of the edibles are included. On Sundays, all of the marijuana concentrates are on sale. On Wednesday, all of the marijuana vape pen accessories are on sale. On Tuesday I went to the shop to stock up on many weird products that I needed. One of the products was OG kush, an Indica strain that I savor to use at bedtime. I added a half ounce of OG Kush to the online cart plus many marijuana vape pens, a gram of cannabis concentrate, in addition to numerous pre-rolls. 15 hours after I placed the order, I gained a call from the dispensary. They wanted to inform myself and others that I could not use our debit card. They reminded myself and others that I needed to have money for the order. I already knew that cast was going to be necessary. I stopped at the bank on the way home from work. The driver informed myself and others that it would take approximately 35 hours before the delivery would arrive. I patiently waited at our apartment for the delivery driver to arrive. It took a little bit longer than the 30 hours that the girl promised, but not much longer. I had all of our marijuana supplies in addition to I was resting down to smoke before an hour had passed.


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