edible cookies are better tasting than candies

I absolutely prefer having cannabis edibles.

I would rather have an edible than a joint or a dab.

edible cookies are one of the best tasting products on the market. I honestly prefer them instead of having candies or gummies. Cookies have great flavor with butter, sugar, and vanilla. Cookies have a flavor that can absolutely mask the taste of marijuana. Even though I really love using recreational marijuana. I don’t prefer that taste. I don’t prefer the aroma or smell either. The only thing I prefer about marijuana is the way that it makes me feel. It absolutely helps with pain control. I’ve had to worry about paying for many years. When the doctor finally prescribed medical marijuana I started to feel some relief. That relief continues as long as I dose with edible marijuana products. There is one particular marijuana dispensary that has a sale on edibles 2 days during the week. On Mondays they offer 20% off all of the edibles and on Thursdays the sale is the same. These are the days during the week when I choose to go to the marijuana dispensary. I know I’m going to buy several different products from the edible marijuana selection, so getting the products on sale is important to me. If I can save 20% on my order, why wouldn’t I go to the marijuana dispensary on a Monday or a Thursday. The rest of the time I would end up paying full price for the same items that I could find on sale on the other days of the week.

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