Everything looked the same.

I expected to see a lot of weird looking products when I walked into the medical cannabis dispensary… I hadn’t expected all flower to look the same and odor the same.

I thought I could identify cannabis products by looking at them.

It surprised me that if it hadn’t been for the packaging they put the medical cannabis in, I would not have known if it was for sleeping or pain. I questioned a budtender, which also sounded odd, because you would think they were just customer support, however they called themselves budtender. I chuckled and asked if they made the buds tender or if they had to tend the buds while they grew into flower, but the budtender didn’t even smile, however only waited for me to tell him what I wanted, then he simply said that since I was new to the marijuana dispensary, I should talk to a pharmacist about our needs. The pharmacist looked at our medical marijuana ID card and asked some questions; She asked if I had ‌questions, after suggesting several products for me. I wanted to think why they were called bartenders and why all the marijuana looked alike. She told me the budtender tended to the needs of all marijuana customers and tended the products, when you worked with marijuana products long enough, you could distinguish between unusual products by look, feel, color, and odor, but my explanations were more fun, but I was thrilled someone answered our question without thinking I was crazy. I knew I would come back to this marijuana dispensary often, so I went home and studied about the unusual marijuana products they had, and how to think the difference.

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