I got a thirty percent off coupon in my email yesterday

My friends and I went kayaking last week and we stopped at a marijuana dispensary on the way home. We were still about an hour away from the city, but the dispensary had incredibly low prices on all of their products. The place does not offer any delivery services. They also have no online ordering. The prices are low, because you have to go to the dispensary and wait in line just like everyone else. My friends and I waited almost 30 minutes before we talked to a bartender to place our order. The dispensary was easily one of the largest places that I have ever seen. Inside of the business the ambiance was more like a dance club than a pharmacy. My friends and I signed up for the email program before we left. I received a 30% off coupon in my email yesterday and it was from the same dispensary. I honestly didn’t want to go anywhere. If the dispensary had offered delivery services, I think I would have placed an order for sure. I definitely didn’t want to drive an hour just to take advantage of the 30% off sale. My friend Jack got an email from the dispensary too. He complained about the lack of delivery services too, but he decided to drive the hour so he could take advantage of the great sale prices. When I realized that Jack was going to make the drive, I asked the guy to come to my apartment to pick me up. I didn’t want to drive, but I could ride shotgun and work the ipod.

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