My pharmacy is selling CBD oil & capsules nowadays

I started going to a local pharmacy after having complications with people stealing pills out of my medicine bottles from a chain pharmacy in the past.

When I posted about it in an online forum, people called myself and others crazy because of the amount of surveillance these mornings in pharmacies.

But not long after this incident occurred, I learn in the news that my seasoned pharmacy was being investigated by the DEA for a number of undivulged reasons. There were some pretty wild allegations being reported in the local newspaper, & I was truthfully shocked to see the fall out from it all. It made myself and others glad that I found a local pharmacy owned by community residents so I could face better treatment for my patronage as a customer. I don’t want to worry that my pharmacist is stealing the medications intended to go in my medicine bottles every month. That’s an harshly troubling predicament to find 1self in. The contrast between my seasoned pharmacy & my new 1 is extreme. On top of the good customer service, my new pharmacy is also selling CBD & hemp products right now. Specifically, they’re selling CBD oil & CBD capsules. I asked the pharmacist & he said that eventually they will have full spectrum CBD concentrates, however they’re looking for a good source first. The pharmacist said that most of their buyers buying their CBD products are older folks with chronic pain problems. Some of them are discovering that they’re having a much better quality of life with the CBD because it actually relieves a immense portion of their chronic pain.

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