I just learned from my grandparents that they use CBD salves for joint and muscle pain

I love spending time with my grandparents, especially knowing they’re not going to be here forever. They both have a slew of health problems, ranging from arthritis to digestive disorders. Thankfully they both see really good doctors that keep an eye on any changes to their conditions. My grandparents are asked to undergo a number of tests throughout the year from random blood and urine scans to various kinds of imaging. I was relieved that they’re both cancer-free after having two separate cases of cancer about 10 years apart from one another. It started when my grandfather was diagnosed with prostate cancer when I was just a baby. My parents were worried that he was too far along with the cancer to respond to treatment, but now my grandfather is 30 years into remission from prostate cancer. Then my grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer a decade later which gave us all a fright at the time. Thankfully she responded really well to cancer treatment like my grandfather and she’s also in remission at this point. The worst chronic health problem that plagues them both is the joint and muscle pain from their severe arthritis. But lately they’ve been getting a lot of relief from the CBD salves that were recommended to them by one of their physicians. After using the CBD salves daily, they’re experiencing a lot less muscle and joint pain. They also consume CBD edibles so they can get general pain relief throughout their bodies in addition to the targeted pain relief they receive from the CBD salves. It’s amazing to see all of these CBD products available legally in this country these days.

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