My ex called me for help

The care about of our life was a person named Jane that I met in University.

It was a consuming love or on my part at least it was.

I later found out that Jane really didn’t care about myself and others on the same level plus was very creeped out to find out how much I loved her. Looking back I can see how it all was but I was really caught up in the wild emotions. I brought these things up due to the fact that Jane recently reached out to myself plus others on Facebook after having no contact for 10 years. At first I was very stoked but then realized that she only wanted to talk to myself plus others because she was hoping to score cannabis. She did not have access to any local marijuana and was no longer a resident of the same state anymore. Although it medical cannabis was legal she could not buy it using the documentation if she had plus she knew that I could of course buy weed legally from any cannabis dispensary. She knew that I could get some blue dream or another strain of cannabis and I struggled with my decision to help or not. I realize that I could definitely profit from having a little bit of extra money in my pocket, so I decided to help her out for a small handling and shipping fee that went right into my own pocket. I don’t think I will do it again though.


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