I stumbled across a wild cannabis patch

When you are sixteen being forced to leave all of your friends and move across the country can feel like the worst time of your life.

  • I know I felt depressed for a while after my parents made us move.

I had to leave my girlfriend behind, and all the friends I had known since kindergarten. The new house was nice, and well secluded in a patch of forest, so to cheer myself up I would take long walks in the woods. This is where I found the old tree fort, about fifteen feet off the ground. This is also where I found a wild patch of cannabis plants that had been growing unattended for years. The best I could figure it, some teenagers used to use the tree house as a secret spot for smoking weed and drinking beers. Whenever they rolled a joint they had to pick all the stems and seeds out of the cannabis, which they just threw out the window. Thanks to the natural tenacity of the cannabis plant, and the abundance of rain and sun around here, many of those seeds began to sprout. They call marijuana a weed not because it is one, but because it reputedly can grow almost anywhere. These cannabis plants were living proof of that adage, because some of them were ten feet tall and loaded with sticky purple buds. To make a long story short, that treehouse and all those cannabis plants cheered me up, and soon after helped me become very popular with the kids at school.