The best party I ever experienced

I won’t lie to you guys – when I first walked to the party I thought I was tripping.

Believe it or not there was a huge punch bowl filled with light, fluffy cannabis buds.

There was easily a pound of weed just sitting in the middle of the table, and no one acted like it was a big deal. Every once in a while someone would approach, and pinch off a big, juicy nugget, and then step outside to smoke. Otherwise, people acted like a giant bowl of free cannabis was something they saw every day. My first thought was I needed more friends like this, because everyone I know is parsimonious with their cannabis supply. As I circulated the party I noticed that almost everyone was enjoying cannabis in some form. Some people were exchanging cannabis edibles, while other people vaped or did dabs. I had never before done a “dab” and I have to say it was a much more clean and clear-headed high than I get from smoking cannabis. Everyone had brought their own party favors, and people were too classy to just take the free cannabis. That’s what I love about the marijuana community – for the most part they are very civil and classy people! The host of the party is a guy who is part-owner of the local cannabis dispensary, which is how he got such a huge quantity of killer weed. I made sure to be nice to him and try to make friends, because I would love to get another invite to one of these cannabis parties!


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