I got our card 3 weeks after seeing the doctor

There is a step-by-step process that has to be followed in order to go to a medical marijuana dispensary.

Medical marijuana has only been legal for the past 6 weeks.

A lot of people are still uncorrect with the process to obtain medical marijuana. It’s not as easy as going to the dispensary to get supplies. Any person wanting to go to he dispensary must have a valid medical marijuana ID card issued from the state. The medical marijuana cards are issued by the state after a prescribing doctor gives a recommendation for a patient. If the state feels that the patient meets the right requirements, then they approve the license. I met with our doctor 3 weeks ago plus I finally gained our approval letter plus medical marijuana card in the mail. I did not expect the process to take 3 weeks, but I am glad the wait is finally over. I took our child with me to the dispensary so she could see what the venue looked like. She was thinking about getting her medical marijuana card too, however unblessedly, the lady behind the counter would not let our child into the back pharmacy section of the dispensary due to the fact that they were following strict covid protocol. I was a little bummed out that I could not show our child more plus I guess she was disappointed too. I still went inside to order some items. I waited 3 long weeks for our medical marijuana card, but I entirely didn’t have any method what I wanted to buy. Thankfully the venue had entirely helpful budtenders to get me moving in the right direction with a product that would help with the ailment I was feeling.

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