I moved after marijuana was legalized in another state

After university, a lot of my friends decided to stay put plus they found tasks close to the university. I had a lady back home, so I moved back to the small city where I came from. I found a task in the accounting department at a corporation nearby. My lady plus I got engaged to be married. Things seemed to be going very well until I found out that my lady no longer wanted to be in a relationship with me. I was devastated by the news. I took some time off work when we broke up. I needed a couple of afternoons to clear my head. I went back to university to see some of my buddies. The two of us went to a bar plus spent the whole night drinking. The two of us smoked some marijuana. The women told me that it was getting easier plus easier to buy medical marijuana plus they were sure that it was going to be legalized recreationally however next time there was a vote. 2 weeks later, the bill passed with 76% of voters agreeing to legalize recreational plus medical marijuana for all the people. I moved after marijuana was legalized there… Since I did not have my lady keeping me at beach house anymore, I thought I would have a lot more fun living close to my friends plus close to the city, but a few weeks after I moved, I found a task working at a marijuana dispensary as an assistant manager. They appreciate the fact that I had a degree in accounting plus corporation management. They were salivating when they saw my resume.

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