Oral cannabis can help with nausea and upset stomach

Feeling nauseous and sick is always a sign that my stomach is on fire.

I often have an upset stomach, because of my IBS and Crohn’s.

I can’t eat a lot of spicy foods or foods that have too many different flavors. The last time my parents and I went out for dinner, they wanted to have Mexican food. I tried to order something on the menu that wasn’t too spicy, but it turned out to be a hot dish. I was sick to my stomach the whole time I was trying to eat and the ride home from the restaurant was miserable. I wanted my parents to pull over so I could throw up the food that I had eaten. The only thing that I know of to help with nausea and upset stomach is medical cannabis. Medical cannabis helps relieve stomach issues far more efficiently and effectively than pepto or tums. I prefer to use medical cannabis whenever it will help the problem. If I have a headache, I will smoke a bowl. The headache usually goes away. If I have pain in my back or my neck, I take a couple of cannabis edibles. Edibles are really helpful for relieving pain. Oral cannabis products like edibles, tincture, and elixirs can be taken in small doses or large doses. I started off with a small dose and now I take around 40 mg of pink shirt each morning. The pain relief that I feel from the tincture is better than the pain relief from over the counter pain relievers like tylenol, excedrin, and ibuprofen.

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