The driver was being followed

I usually have 2 or 3 delivery drivers on shift at all times while I was in the day.

The cannabis shop is correctly busy with deliveries.

I believe that over 50% of our revenue comes from deliveries. The cannabis shop has offered delivery services for the past 2 years. Sales increased by well over 30% after the two of us started to delivery weed. Our delivery zone is quite large. Every one of us cover the entire city from north to south as well as east to west. When delivery drivers leave the dispensary, they have multiple weird cannabis orders with them. The drivers have to be safe as well as careful when carrying marijuana products as well as heaps of money. Every one of us can only accept money for marijuana sales. Occasionally the drivers might have multiple hundreds of dollars on them at 1 time, last weekend 1 of my employees returned to the dispensary before finishing all of his orders. That guy told me that he was being followed by someone in a green station wagon. He noticed the station wagon at multiple weird deliveries. The guy was getting very anxious that someone was going to try to rob him, so he returned to the store with a big stack of cash. The green station wagon followed the driver all the way to the edge of the neighborhood where the cannabis shop is located. When the driver pulled into the parking lot, the green station wagon sped away. It’s difficult to tell if the driver of the car had something bad planned, however I am stoked that the driver returned to the store before something bad occurred. It is always better to be safe than sorry.



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