The guy on the train was rolling up marijuana joints

I looked around at the other people.

Everyday I take the subway line to the office. I could drive, however it’s a lot cheaper to take the subway as well as I do not have to deal with heavy traffic as well as so many other cars on the highway. If I was to commute in my car, it would probably take me twice as long to get to the city. I use my time on the subway to get ready for the day of work. I skim the newspaper as well as check my emails. I check on the stocks and bonds for the day as well as I look at the Wall Street Journal. There are mostly other business people on the train. Every once in a while there will be a younger person headed to work. There was someone on the train yeahterday as well as the person was rolling a bunch of marijuana joints in their seat. I’ve never seen anyone get out marijuana on the subway like it wasn’t a huge deal. Even though marijuana products are legal in this state, you still can’t smoke pot in public or use marijuana products somewhere other than your private residence. I looked around at the other people. They could see that the guy was rolling marijuana joints too, however no 1 wanted to speak up to the train conductor. The young guy continued rolling marijuana joints all the way up until the time that he departed the train. He must have rolled 20 or 30 joints during the 45 minute trip. The guy wasn’t the least bit sad about getting caught as well as he didn’t seem that interested in anything except what he had going on in front of him.

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