We offer free delivery services all over the city

I work for a marijuana delivery service that offers free services all over the city.

  • Many of the other marijuana delivery services charge a small fee.

We do not charge any fees, even for customers that order a small amount of items. We are a delivery service only and do not have an actual storefront or place for people to pick up their order. We have three different delivery service centers throughout the city and our drivers leave from one of these places. Each one of the delivery service centers is responsible for fulfilling orders. Last Saturday night, I was working an 8-hour shift. I earned nearly $300 in tips during that 8 hour shift. It was easily one of the best shifts that I can remember having in a long time. The first tip of the night was a whopping $25 from an older lady in an apartment. The woman looked like she could not afford to give me a $25 tip, but she did. I also had another big tip that night which was more towards the end of the night when I was almost finished with all of the deliveries. But I ordered 8 G of concentrate and a whole ounce of marijuana flower. The total for the order was nearly $350. I was hoping to get a $10 tip from that person, and I was really surprised when the guy gave me $400 and told me to keep the change. If it wasn’t for those two delivery service tips, I never would have made that much money in one night.

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