CBD topical for joint pain

My mother has experienced real issues with her joints.

Her arthritis is very bad in her fingers and hands.

For a long time she was eating gin soaked raisins to help with the pain and relying on her doctor’s prescriptions. My mother hated taking pills and they didn’t really work. I didn’t like all the side effects that were tied to those pills either. It was then decided it was better to just nix the doctor’s involvement and try something more natural. I am lucky enough to live in a state where recreational weed is allowed. No medical weed card or fees paid on it at all. I was able to take my mother into the cannabis dispensary near me for some help. What my mother wanted was a reduction in inflammation, help with her chronic pain and not to get high. All three of those things can be achieved by taking CBD products. CBD is the medical part of the cannabis plant that has small traces of THC. Not enough to get you high or to be noticed. There are all sorts of forms of CBD in the body. There are strains to smoke, oils to ingest and CBD beverages too. My mother ended up selecting a CBD topical that is applied directly to the skin. She says it is like taking a better version of icy hot. It smells nice and has really helped her hands. I am glad that she has a readily available product that doesn’t mess with the chemical make up of her body anymore.