It all changed with a simple visit to the cannabis dispensary

Sometimes the biggest changes come in such tiny almost imperceptible decisions.

  • I know that’s just how it went for me.

The decision to walk inside the local cannabis spot with my friend forever altered my life. And for the better I might add. Somehow, my life just got to be a routine from which I wanted to escape more than I wanted to be in it. I wasn’t happy. My default reactions were more based in anger or outright hostility than anything else. I knew that this wasn’t the way I wanted to live my life but I had neither the strength or the courage to be honest with myself about it. All that changed because I happened to be with a friend who needed to stop by the cannabis dispensary to get the cannabis products she had run out of. That’s just how simply a life can change. The moment I walked into that marijuana business, it was the vibration, the quiet and the peacefulness that hit me first. Not that I really knew what to expect from a cannabis dispensary but I felt good, like in my heart. My friend encouraged me to get some cannabis products and the kind staff helped out a rookie. That evening, I joined my friend in sharing a cannabis edible I had purchased at the local cannabis spot. Since that evening, my life has been changing for the better as I’m getting more and more comfortable with being honest with myself. The sativa strains that I prefer give me a peaceful perspective that helps me not be afraid to be my authentic self.

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