Treating anxiety with help from the local cannabis spot

It’s not easy being green.

When Kermit the Frog said that, I totally knew what he was saying. For many of us, it’s just tough to be who we are and still fit or function in society. And from that, at least for me, has come a lifelong struggle with depression and anxiety. With the help of cannabis products, I’m begging to feel as though I can actually be hopeful and enjoy life. That is not something that I thought would be either likely or possible. I went the prescription medication route but was quite disappointed. The meds made a modest difference but the side effects were just such I couldn’t tolerate the meds. So about a year ago, I moved to a more holistic style of treatment and therapy. Part of the regimen included cannabis. I had tried cannabis but either didn’t do it right or enough to get an appreciable understanding. But I trusted the overall plan and went to the local cannabis spot to get some help. This was the best move because I came in contact with people who had similar experiences with my condition. And all of them were managing their lives better after incorporating sativa and indica products into their lives. While I was a bit hesitant, my therapist was with me for the first time with the sativa strains I bought. And that ended up being the most productive therapy session of my life. It’s been six months now and I’m experiencing a level of joy that actually makes me want to spring from my bed in the morning.
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