They were discussing how marijuana was the devil’s work.

Once a month, we have a family get-together.

My aunts, uncles, and all their kids all gather grandmas for a get together.

Last week, they legalized recreational marijuana. Medical marijuana had been legalized almost three years ago. When medical marijuana was legalized, my uncle grumbled. He was a man full of platitudes and righteousness. Grandma told me he had such a delicate sensibility that it wasn’t good to argue with him. My uncle was the type of man who thought that if someone didn’t think the way he thought, they were not worthy of being around him. More than once, my uncle would sit in his car while waiting for his wife to decide it was time to leave the party. With the legalization of recreational marijuana, I knew he would preach fire and brimstone. As he spouted off about the immorality of the use of marijuana and how the decline of civilization would come from the use of recreational marijuana. My grandmother sat back and laughed. She told me her son was a crackpot who should be ignored. I saw she had her hand behind her back, and I had to laugh when I realized she was hiding her pre-roll marijuana cigarette behind her back. Grandma looked around to make sure no one was looking, as she took a big puff on the cigarette. She weighed the smoke away as she looked at me and smiled. She told me she was 72 years old, and had been smoking marijuana since she was 15 years old. Now that it was legal to smoke recreational marijuana, she would not hide it for anybody, except the babies and impressional little ones.


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