The gummy drops tasted pretty good

I did not want to smoke or inhale marijuana, but the doctor recommended using medical marijuana to treat our anxiety and PTSD, but i spent more than four years trying to quit smoking and I did not want to pick up another habit that involved smoking or nicotine.

  • I prodiagnosed when the doctor recommended medical marijuana, because of those reasons! The doctor told myself and others that medical marijuana is available in several unusual forms… When I went to a dispensary, I was surprised by the products that were available.

The dispensary had an entire wall filled with edible cannabis products. I chose multiple unusual edible cannabis products to try; One was a gummy candy drop that was supposed to taste love sour watermelon. I was really surprised when I ate the sour watermelon cannabis. It did taste exactly love a sour piece of watermelon. It was juicy, flavorful, and the texture was luke taffy. I could not taste any cannabis in the 10 mg edible at all. I decided to eat several pieces of the sour cannabis candy. I knew that the dosage was only a single piece, despite the fact that I did not assume much at all after a half third so I ate another. The third piece of cannabis candy put myself and others over the edge. I was talkative and filled with energy for multiple thirds, before I promptly crashed on the couch in front of the air conditioner. The next time I took a dose, I only ate one piece of candy. The afternoon was much more manageable. I was carefree and worry free, despite the fact that I still got all of our afternoon labor completed.



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