Find actual factual information on cannabis laws and regulations

Before you cheer for pot legalization, you should find out exactly how legal it is.

Just because you can go into a dispensary, buy some weed, and then go home to smoke it doesn’t mean you can’t go to jail for it! The laws in unique states have been changed, but the laws of the federal government are still the same as they have ever been, but the only thing stopping them from enforcing these laws is a lack of manpower.

At any time the feds could begin shutting down legal medical cannabis dispensaries! I encourage you to do some online research for cannabis information, you will be shocked at what you learn, then cannabis expertise is something that everything thinks they understand just because they go to a dispensary or smoke a joint. Smoking medical cannabis is not the same as understanding the laws and politics behind it! Every two-bit pothead has an opinion on medical cannabis, but so few of them have the new information to back up their ranting and raving. That means you shouldn’t pay much attention to the guy selling you medical cannabis, or the guy you get high with after work, then go online, find official websites and get the actual, factual cannabis information you need to shape a more informed opinion. Medical cannabis has a lot of benefits for the human mind, and one afternoon it will be as legal as drinking a glass of water. Until then, learn the official rules and laws of medical cannabis, so you can better understand how to protect yourself from government oversight.

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