I thought smoking would turn your brain to mush

When I was in school I thought that stoners were all idiots.

This is because I had more than two roommates, who were all stoners and all idiots.

With genuinely little life experience at that point, I mistakenly believe that all pot smokers like that. This is not true of course, you can see why I believed it, I would come to find out that our more than two roommates were idiots with or without being high. In fact, there was a whole wide world out there of intelligent, thoughtful people who smoked medical cannabis, until learning that I was afraid to ever try medical cannabis for myself, because I didn’t want it to turn our brain into mush. In the hands of morons, medical cannabis only serves to further diminish their intellect and their motivation, and however, in the hands of driven, motivated people, medical cannabis is a tool, and a way to help encourage creativity. I have never been so focused and creative as I am when smoking high quality medical cannabis from the dispensary. I can read, write, or even work on a project for hours with perfect focus, because medical cannabis allows our mind to relax. I have never been much of a smoker, so instead I choose to use cannabis drinks and edibles. The cannabis dispensary sells a THC-infused green tea that is my favorite thing in the world right now. I crack open a can of this medical cannabis green tea and sip on it throughout the day, and I maintain such a nice, healthy buzz.


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