I’m not paying that much for weed

My wife and I both use medical marijuana.

It is part of our daily routine and health regimen.

I was approved for medical marijuana card 7 years ago. I grew up in an abusive home and I have a lot of PTSD from my childhood. I started using medical marijuana to deal with depression and panic attacks. My wife was given a prescription for medical marijuana to help her with an eating disorder. Both of us were approved for medical marijuana and we started using cannabis products every single day to help our mental and physical health. During an average week, my girlfriend and I spent about $200 on medical marijuana supplies. We were shocked and surprised when we saw the prices of marijuana after we moved to a new town. My wife was convinced that moving was a great idea. She always dreamed of living in the country on a dirt road. I have to admit that the country house is absolutely beautiful, but now we are out in the country and the price of medical marijuana is much higher. We were going to order some items from an online weed delivery service, but there is no way that I’m paying that much money for weed. They wanted $50 for an eighth of dried flower and all of their concentrate started at $40 a gram. Those are insane prices, and only a celebrity or actor can afford to smoke marijuana at those rates. We are going to need to figure out a solution to this problem quickly or our monthly budget is going to triple.

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