The wheel almost landed on the grand prize

The local marijuana dispensary has been open for 5 years. They recently had a celebration to commemorate the fifth year in business. They had several different food trucks in the parking lot and lots of games for prizes and free stuff. My girlfriend and I decided to go to the party. The parking lot was filled with cars when we arrived. The marijuana dispensary was busier than I ever saw the place. There were a couple of clowns in the parking lot entertaining some kids. It looked like a carnival or a fair. There was a prize giveaway for every person that has spent more than $50. My girlfriend and I both decided to spend $50 so we could have a chance at the prize giveaway. During the giveaway, each person got to spin a large wheel. There were lots of different prizes on the wheel, including free marijuana, t-shirts, hats, posters, and keychains. There was a single grand prize space on the wheel. It was smaller than all of the other spaces on the Wheel. I spun the wheel as hard as I could. The lady rolled her eyes, and told me that I didn’t have to spin that hard. I landed on a free t-shirt space and I picked a t-shirt with the name of the marijuana dispensary on the front. My girlfriend spun the wheel much more softly. The wheel got closer and closer to the grand prize space, but my girlfriend missed the win by two spots. She did walk away with a free ⅛ of top-shelf marijuana. Not a bad prize for second place, if you ask me.

Space cake