I don’t buy cannabis candy products because of my teenagers’ curiosity

I had to make swings to my lifestyle when I finally had teenagers with my affectionate husbandy.

It helped having some experience taking care of older family members which completely removed any hangups I could have had with cleaning diapers or anything like that. I guess my husbandy was impressed with how motivated I was when the two of us had our son first. Some fathers look terrified and stiff as a block of wood, but I was ready to help from the actually first moment. Now that the two of us have many teenagers and they’re all over more than four years old, I guess it’s even harder being a parent. They have brains and guess for themselves, often to the worst results. I don’t like it when they inadvertently hurt themselves badly just trying to have fun with their friends, but they have to learn somehow. With this in mind, it’s also substantial to remember that there are key things that the two of us can do as parents to avoid as numerous unnecessary risks with our children as possible. All of us can’t leave out chemicals or alcohol where they could reach them, especially if they had no way to differentiate between 1 of these bottles and an edible beverage from the fridge. When I got my medical cannabis card in this state, I consciously made an effort to avoid cannabis flower products and concentrate because of the obvious smell. But now I’m upset that some of my cannabis edibles look too much like normal candy and dessert treats. The packaging resembles store purchased candy with a actually tiny THC logo on 1 end. A young child could undoubtedly eat 1 of these cannabis candy products separate from having any clue what they’re getting themselves in for.

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