I love cannabis budtenders that are always able to offer help and information

Even though money is extremely tight for me, I am happy to tip service workers when they do a good job. I live in a condominium that isn’t the easiest to access compared to a house where you drive up and can get to the front door in a matter of seconds. If you’re delivering food or packages to my door, you have to ascend an elevator five floors before walking another 30 yards to reach my unit. I always feel bad when I see the delivery technician exasperated or winded when I open the door to greet them. That’s when I will make an effort to give them a generous tip, as long as I can find petty cash or change somewhere in the kitchen or dining room. But it’s not just delivery workers that deserve the generosity of a tip when they’re giving exemplary service. Waiters and waitresses are paid extremely low wages and it’s expected that tipping is supposed to offset those tiny wages. If you don’t tip accordingly, the server can’t earn a real living and successfully pay all of their bills. The budtenders at the medical cannabis dispensaries are often compared to mere cashiers at a grocery store, but they’re not just there to scan products and accept payments. A good cannabis budtender will recommend various cannabis products to their customers based on their needs and expectations. I love it when I find a cannabis budtender who is not only knowledgeable and helpful, but also kind to me the entire time. That’s when I’m more than content with tipping on top of whatever my order total comes out to after they apply my cannabis dispensary discounts.

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