I bought extra cannabis supplies for the weekend camping trip

Camping is one of my favorite activities and I regularly go to one of the state parks every weekend.

There are several nice parks that are within an hour of my apartment. I would rather spend the weekend and nature than sitting inside of my house with the air conditioner running. I love the sound of the crickets and the birds and I love seeing all of the animals in nature like squirrels, deer, raccoons, and birds. I used to have a tent and I slept inside of the four-person building very comfortably. A park ranger came to my campsite one day because the guy smelled marijuana. I was smoking marijuana inside of the tent and it was very easy to smell. I got into some trouble and I was warned not to smoke inside the park again. After that, I decided to buy a small camper that I could tow behind my car. The camper has a hard shell, so the forest rangers cannot smell anything that is going on inside of my camper. Neither can any of the nosey people that might be camping in the site next to me. Before I go camping, I always buy extra cannabis supplies. The marijuana delivery service will not come down to the state park. The guard at the shop won’t even let the delivery driver into the gate. There’s absolutely no way to get delivery from any marijuana service, so I have to stock up and hope that I have enough for me and my friends. They never bring enough weed. I think it is probably because I always have enough, but I don’t want to run out.



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