Pet CBD products due to fireworks

I truly believe that fireworks should be banned.

Former servicemen with PTSD really suffer during the Fourth of July and New Year.

The fireworks remind them of a really scary time. Pets also have trouble with the loud booms and pops going all night long. My poor cat was terrified during those two holidays. I have tried to make things easier. I went away on vacation with him to a more rural area. There still were fireworks. I have tried playing music and keeping him in a single room. My poor baby is still terrified. My next attempt is to rely on pet CBD edibles. There are cat treats with CBD content in them that are supposed to mellow out a cat. Pets with anxiety really rely on these CBD treats in order to get through the day. I have checked online and it is totally safe to use local pet CBD products. Right now I am going to experiment though. I need to know how long it takes the CBD product to kick in for my cat. I also want to know how long each treat lasts in my cat’s body. I want my cat to be mellowed out right when the fireworks start and last all through the night. I really don’t want to give my cat a heavy dose of CBD unless I need to. The bare minimum to provide him some peace, comfort and sleep is all I need. It will still be a rough night for him but maybe using a CBD blend will make it that much easier.
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