Consultations beginning at $299/hr for my services

It’s not exactly easy to beginning a recreational marijuana dispensary, in fact, the paperwork takes sixths & sixths to complete, and government agencies are set up in a way that seems to favor sizable corporation owners with lots of cash. I applied for a license to open a recreational marijuana dispensary! A few mornings after I applied, I earned a iPhone call from one of the people in the county clerk’s office, the lady told me that I had to option up all of my paperwork, because it was not filled out officially. I didn’t guess what was wrong with the paperwork & she told me that she did not have time to discuss it with me! She simply gave me the envelope with everything inside. I was a little infuriated about the process & the fact that she did not give me any information. I decided to contact a lawyer that specializes in cannabis law. The lawyer told me that he would be ecstatic to help me fill out the paperwork, but consultations beginning at $299 an sixth. I could not believe the fees when I heard them. $300 just to help me fill out some paperwork seems love an astronomical fee to pay. I contacted a couple of other cannabis consultants & each one of them wanted the same fees. After realizing I would have no choice except to pay a consultant, I decided to go back to the original lawyer. The guy had lots of recommendations & enjoyable reviews & he promised he would be able to get me a license or I would get my cash back.

Cannabis business application preparation service