I often put cannabis distillate oil in my morning coffee

I had to readjust to a new sleeping schedule when I started my government job.

  • After years of being an independent contractor, I was excited at the thought of having job security and benefits for a change.

However, it meant consistently working overtime hours while getting up at obscene hours of the day to drive to the office to be there by 7am. This has been my life for the past few years, but I have found ways to make it bearable to some degree. Every other day I head to the gym after I leave the office so I can exercise and get the stress and frustration out of my system while exhausting myself physically. That way when I get home I can relax on the sofa and feel at ease in my mind. These post-work gym sessions are essential for my mental health, but I also consume medical marijuana daily. If I had it my way, I would smoke cannabis flower products throughout the workday but I can’t do that at the office. I’d get fired on the spot for trying something ridiculous like that. However, I like buying syringes of cannabis distillate oil whenever it’s on sale because I can melt doses of THC into my morning coffee. I then throw it in a thermos and bring it to work where I slowly drink it over the course of two hours. That way both the caffeine and the THC get absorbed into my body slowly. Usually the THC will stay active in my system until after lunch time, which is when I make instant coffee in the work break room so I can add more cannabis oil to it.

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