Dosing with cannabis so I can keep the promotion

I got a recent promotion at labor and it is stressful, then i have numerous things that I entirely get exasperated over.

I dislike flying on airplanes and I dislike public speaking, however what do you know? My task has me traveling all over the place and giving presentations.

I was distraught I was going to need to turn the promotion down, however thankfully a neighbor of mine got me on medical cannabis and now I am fantastic to go, then before I was about to fly, I smoked cannabis oil in the car, and my neighbor drives me to the airport so I have forty minutes to just strictly vape and get all loose. I am nice and high when I fly now and it makes it better. Thanks to our medical weed card I can carry our vape in our bin to use later in our trip. Before I present anything now I am fully on cannabis. I occasionally vape the oil even though I also have a mouth spray. I love the mouth spray in professional settings since all the people thinks it is a breath spray. It is less obvious and easier to conceal. I just hit it a few times in the bathroom before every major presentation. I looked at the long term effects of cannabis on our body. I was distraught that dosing every time I travel might be a problem. The medical cannabis I am on isn’t putting anything excruciating into our body, however cannabis is a fairly healthy plant. I don’t drink or smoke. I am not putting myself in any danger by relying on medical weed.
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